About Us

  1. The naming behind GOuft:

There is a story of a Scottish shepherd boy handling the boredom of his day by hitting stones on the ground with his stick and aiming for the hole on a stone axe. The word ‘golf’ is derived from the old Scottish word ‘gouf’, which means ‘to strike’. Thus, the term ‘GOuft’ maintains the tradition of this terminology.


  1. GOuft Golf is a brand that strives to bring style and uniqueness to any round of golf. For the enjoyment of your round, it is our goal to deliver you the quality products.


  1. The engineering marvel of Spiderweb Golf Glove (GOuft’s signature model):

As we were considering a perfect grip for golf gloves, we took inspirations from the tackiness of a spider web and developed an effective grip through the special silicone treatment. Some might argue that golf gloves made out of leather provide the best fit and comfort. But they tend to wear out fast. Accordingly, the Spiderweb golf glove was designed with careful consideration for a comfortable fit by utilizing a special fabric with a sheepskin-like softness. Moreover, a non-slip spiderweb design was constructed out of synthetic silicone to provide the grip and durability for an extensive play through.